Find Business Projects

1st March 2017
1. Register with expertpowerhouse
Only top experts or consultants can become part of expertpowerhouse. Experts are encouraged to apply, or we might approach you for a specific project opportunity. We will also ask you to accept our terms and conditions as part of compliance strategy.
2. Build your profile and engage in project opportunities
You have the opportunity to showcase your previous experience and areas of expertise on our internal platform. This information is used to match you with specific project opportunities. If we have a project matching your profile, you decide if you want to apply for it.
3. Get on board with project leaders
At each start of a project we do briefing calls with you and the client team to ensure a good match. A mutual fit of the expert and the client team is very important for us. To kick off, a detailed info session is organized to share background information, agree on scope, results and the way you will work together.
4. Work with the client team
You work together closely with the client team and help them to succeed on high calibre topics. Project work remains at your discretion. We will assist you with administrative tasks such as tracking of billable hours and invoicing. We also take a mediating position, and assist with potential questions during the project.
5. Get paid for your work
Expertpowerhouse takes care of the paperwork. We regularly process invoices in close alignment with you and your project team, and we ensure all our experts receive secure payment as soon as they are provided by the client. A comprehensive feedback system allows you to build your brand and grow your business with expertpowerhouse.