Consulting Experts

29th May 2017

Our aim is to expand our network of global experts so that we can support ambitious requests on a very short period of time, without compromising the quality and fit of the experts on the project itself. For this we are able to support your requests with:

  • Expert calls
  • Selected Workshops
  • Demanding pitches
  • Complex long-term projects

To provide you with an overview of our network, we have both categorized the experts by industry and by their current working position. Overall, our technical or business experts worked for various industries and are for e.g. CEOs, senior consultants or managing directors of international enterprises. They all have in common that they all have an astonishing background and the will to participate in selected projects.

Our consulting experts by industry

While our selective network is continuously increasing, we have already great expertise in some of the industries listed below. Nevertheless, our projects are not restricted to these industrial areas and we look actively to gain expertise in more segments.

Public sector

experts of the public sector

Mining & Metals

experts of the mining and metals industries

Industrial Goods

experts of the Industrial goods industries

Financial Institutions

experts of financial institiutions

Consumer Goods

experts of the consumer goods industry


experts of the automontiv industries

Our consulting experts background

In our network, we differentiate mainly between two types of experts. The first ones are business experts or advisors and the second ones are technical experts. The first group consists mainly of generalists that hold positions like CEOs, Senior Partner or Senior Consultants. The second group is the one with technical experts. They worked usually for several years in one topic or industrial area. Often, they worked for leading companies from their sector of expertise. Additionally, most technical experts are for example current Project Leaders or Senior Engineers.