Key Elements to understand Additive Manufacturing

Additive manufacturing is a rapid growing technology with over 25,2% CAGR for the last 27 years. Two important trends carried out this massive market growth. The first tendency is related to the continuous improvement in the machine capabilities, where the production rates increased significantly while at the same time the machine costs decreased substantially. This[…]

Cyber security

Cyber security – A great challenge for your company’s IT-systems

Many Experts described the process of achieving cyber security as a fundamental challenge to the company’s IT Security and Compliance department. This article tries therefore to support the managing teams in developing a sustainable strategy to keep the companies’ data secure. This blog starts with a short introduction to cyber security. Afterwards the article outlines[…]

graphical interface blockchain

Blockchain and its implications for the financial industry

The brief history of blockchain started with Bitcoin in 1991, a cryptographic currency based on a distributed ledger that allows users to handle secure transactions anonymously via internet. While the Bitcoins have been a highly controversial currency, because of its use for illegal transactions and its high volatile value, the technology behind is gaining a[…]

consulting projects in economic growth modelling

Four signs of changing occupations

To be prepared in the digital age it is important to identify the early signs of changing occupations. Paid jobs are challenged by automation and digitization indicating changing work environments, concepts and principles. In the following, we illustrate four signs show those changes.1. AutomatizationIn their current research about changing occupations McKinsey suggests if companies apply[…]