Open Business Projects

25th May 2017

In this section, you can find our current industrial projects. You can register here either as an Expert for one of those projects or request a similar project for your business. We will contact you as soon as we have made a decision about your request.


Blockchain implications for the financial sector


The blockchain technology is currently a major topic of interest for most financial institutions around the world. Major commercial banks or insurance companies are looking how to profit from this technology. However, they are also worried about the future impact that it could have on their core business.

Smart contracts for example allow banks to define rules that could significantly decrease costs of complex legal transactions like the ownership transfer of assets. These blockchain platforms can work under predefined rules that trigger a certain transaction automatically once the required conditions for the desired transaction are meet.

Our current projects are therefore focused on:

  • State of art of the blockchain technology
  • How smart contracts work
  • How to integrate the blockchain technology in core business of financial institutions
  • The implications of Blockchain for microtransactions in the insurance industry

3D Printing projects for sports shoes manufactures


Major sport shoes manufacturers are experimenting with 3D Printing techniques to achieve affordable mass customization for their customers. The expected benefits from this approach is roughly separated into two main areas:

The first area is more technical and englobes all the supply chain benefits, that affordable small scale personalized production contains. The second area is more focused on the customer’s perspective and analyzes therefore how to make the most to increase the customer satisfaction out of a personalized and fast pathed production.

Since 3D Printing has the capability to disrupt both the way in which shoes are manufactured and how they can be designed, we want to offer you the possibility to gain overall insights in this technology so that you can decide whether to focus or not in this trend.