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We're excited to announce unparalleled professional development opportunities tailored for our exclusive consulting community. By prioritizing best-in-class resources and personalized learning experiences, we aim to foster continuous growth and excellence within our dynamic network.

We take pride in offering our network exclusively curated professional development opportunities, meticulously designed to enhance expertise and skills across all facets of the consulting realm.

Structured Problem-Solving 1

Structured Problem Solving 1 & 2 offers a step-by-step exploration of advanced problem-solving and decision-making techniques, crucial in intricate business environment.

Structured Problem-Solving 1 is centered around the Diagnosis steps of Problem-Solving, including picking the right problems to solve, defining a problem and aligning it with stakeholders, structuring the problem, creating and prioritizing root-cause hypotheses for investigation, crafting a storyline to guide the investigation, collecting data to test the hypotheses and conducting analyses.

Structured Problem-Solving 2

Structured Problem Solving 1 & 2 offers a step-by-step exploration of advanced problem-solving and decision-making techniques, crucial in intricate business environment.

Structured Problem-Solving 2 is centered around the Design steps of Problem-Solving, including brainstorming and prioritizing initiatives, crafting a storyline to guide the investigation, collecting data to support recommendations, analyzing the data to build business cases, shortlisting initiatives for implementation and presenting final results to stakeholders.

Amazing Slides

"Amazing Slides" is a specialized course designed to equip professionals with the skills to create clear, concise, and impactful presentation slides.

This course integrates theoretical understanding with practical application, focusing on the art of conveying complex messages through effective slide design.

Participants will engage in interactive exercises, develop proficiency in slide composition, and learn to apply key principles to enhance the clarity and persuasiveness of their presentations.

Flawless Communication

This workshop is designed for early-career professionals aiming to master the art of flawless communication in a business context.

The course delves into essential communication skills, advanced strategies, and practical exercises.

It encompasses various facets of communication, including problem-solving, email etiquette, meeting contributions, and progress reporting.

The workshop is structured to enhance the participants' ability to understand and convey both explicit and implicit messages effectively, ensuring a comprehensive skill set for business communication excellence.

Logical Storytelling

This intensive course offers a comprehensive journey into the art and science of business storytelling and effective slide deck creation.

Designed to mirror the rigor and depth of a top-tier strategy consulting firm, it empowers participants with techniques to captivate and engage business audiences, making complex data and strategies accessible and compelling.

The curriculum is structured to enhance both theoretical understanding and practical application, ideal for professionals seeking to elevate their presentation skills in a business context.

Stakeholders Management

This course is designed for professionals seeking to enhance their leadership and management skills in a dynamic business environment.

The program delves into effective strategies for working with different managerial archetypes, team dynamics, personal development, stakeholder management, and conflict resolution.

It is tailored for those in the early to mid-stages of their careers, particularly in consulting or project management roles, offering insights into fostering productive workplace relationships and achieving career growth.

High Performance Mindsets

This course is designed to equip aspiring business professionals with the essential mindsets and problem-solving skills required in the dynamic workplace of the 2020s.

Merging principles from psychology and business, it offers a comprehensive understanding of how to approach complex business cases, like the Squarebucks case study, with a high-performance mindset. Participants will learn to analyze business situations, structure problems effectively, and develop solutions with a focus on critical thinking, resilience, ownership, and inquisitiveness.

Analysis & Synthesis

This comprehensive course provides a deep dive into the world of business analytics and strategic decision-making.

Designed for aspiring leaders and data-driven decision-makers, the course covers a range of topics from the planning and execution of data analysis to synthesizing complex business information for strategic recommendations.

Participants will engage in practical exercises, including Excel model building and developing strategic recommendations based on synthesized data, leveraging real-life case studies ranging from price sensitivity in financial products to retail loyalty programs.

The course is structured to enhance participants' skills in analytical thinking, model building, and effective communication in business contexts.

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