10. May 2024 - EPH Academy

Free Advanced Problem-Solving Workshop

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We're committed to the professional development of our exclusive consulting community and we're proud to offer best-in-class professional development opportunities for you.

Join us for our session on Advanced Problem-Solving. Secure your spot for FREE access to this workshop, led by ex-MBB consultants:

  • Date and Time: May 17, 2024, 3pm - 4.15pm CET
  • Workshop Instructor: Flavio Soriano, Founder and Head of Content (High Bridge Academy)
  • Workshop Format: Live over Zoom

During this workshop, we'll take a deeper look into how to:

  • Visualize step-by-step the complete guide of the 8 Steps of Problem-Solving
  • Connect the concepts to your own work experience
  • Uncover key mindsets of extraordinary problem-solvers
  • Get inspired to shift your mindset toward excellence