03. July 2023 - Publications

expertpowerhouse's Expansion in the APAC Region with Reuben D'silva

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Reuben D'silva, Head of APAC at expertpowerhouse joined expertpowerhouse in March 2021 because he was amazed by the team culture, innovation and high ambitions of expertpowerhouse globally. Since then he has utilized his extensive experience in the freelance marketplace and gig economy industry to facilitate exceptional growth for the Mumbai team, but also for expertpowerhouse as a whole.

Supporting his first client was a moment of triumph for Reuben, igniting his determination to continue adding value to the organization.

"When I secured my first project, it was an amazing feeling. But I didn't stop there. I wanted to keep pushing myself and explore how I could contribute further to the organization. Seeing the APAC region excel was a particularly gratifying accomplishment," Reuben proudly reflects.

With Reuben's expertise and unwavering resolve, expertpowerhouse's innovative Mumbai team has emerged as a force to be reckoned with, creating countless opportunities across diverse industries in multiple countries throughout the APAC region.

Fueled with determination that transcends borders the expertpowerhouse team continues to grow and enhance their ability to serve clients in consulting and various industries.