24. July 2019 - Report

Four signs of changing occupations

Blog Four sign of changing occupations

To be prepared in the digital age it is important to identify the early signs of changing occupations. Paid jobs are challenged by automation and digitization indicating changing work environments, concepts and principles. In the following, we illustrate four signs show those changes.

1. Automatization

In their current research about changing occupations McKinsey suggests if companies apply existing technology, up to 50 percent of the activities of around 40 percent of jobs could be automated. On the other hand completely new tasks and occupations were created and will get more important. Specific expertise is required in the process of automatization.

2. On-demand activity

Various companies expect workflows to become more project- than function-based. New jobs relying on technologies that extend across functions lead to shorter and project-oriented time frames as well as more on-demand activity.

In the future there will be significantly more freelancers and experts supporting project-based work. At expertpowerhouse we enable next generation consulting by making top experts available to all businesses. We provide a platform for professionals to find project-based work requiring their high level of skills. We support premier consulting organizations as well as leading industry companies.

3. The advantage of being a freelancer

Besides changing work within organizations a lot more people who hold traditional job would prefer to be independent workers considering flexibility and control over their hours, greater work atmosphere, empowerment and creativity. In conclusion not only organizations often benefit from the greater agility of project-based work, also do the professionals themselves. Being able to demonstrate performance and success on the various projects allows freelancers to manage their own career advancement and increases their own market value. Apply to become an expertpowerhouse consultant here.

4. Focus on personality traits

Contrary to the assumption that degrees are decisive for hiring a talent, latest research indicates the growing importance of personality traits, even in the digital age. Especially in the area of science, technology, engineering and mathematics technical skills are becoming less correlated with educational credentials.

Considering this it is getting more and more substantial to focus on tasks and performance to select the best matching talent for your project. In this case it is more effective to measure competence, rather than formal education. Therefore every professional in the expertpowerhouse network will be individually selected based on a rigorous assessment of their credentials. Moreover, all professionals are interviewed before they can join the expertpowerhouse network. If you don`t have a required expertise available inhouse and quickly need an external professional sign up here at expertpowerhouse to hire experts.

On the whole you need to become more flexible in an environment that requires more and more specific skills and expertise, the use of independent workers can give your company a competitive edge and reduce overall costs. You can stay flexible by adopting on-demand and project-based hiring of top professionals that help you directly addressing your skill and expertise gap. Your organization could benefit from our improved expert matching that better fulfills your needs.

Source: McKinsey Quarterly