10. January 2020 - Report

Our top-8 innovations from the CES 2020

CES2020 Mercedes

At expertpowerhouse GmbH we are tech-enthusiasts and some of our colleagues visited the CES in Las Vegas to stay on top of things and help our clients to remain at the forefront of innovation. While having engaging discussions with some of our key customers as well as subject matter experts and consultants, we also got the chance to have a look around and experience the show with its latest products and gadgets. In fact, 4,400 exhibitioners presented about 20,000 new products. This is our very own and not sorted selection of top-8 innovations and ideas from CES2020.

1. Sony surprised with an electric car concept:

Whether the actual car will ever be produced or it is rather to showcase Sony systems, software and gadgets – surely an interesting concept to be watched by established OEMs

2. Uber and Hyundai are planning to offer flying taxi rides by 2023:

Uber and Hyundai showed a drone that both companies hope will be carrying a pilot and three passengers above congested cities

3. AI-powered prosthetic hand:

BrainCo presented a model of an AI-powered prosthetic hand, which works with an amputee’s brain waves and muscle signals

4. Samsung unveiled its first ever bezel-free 8K TV, and it's beautiful:

The new 8K QLED TV offers high peak brightness, great contrast, good color saturation and a nearly invisible bezel

5. Toyota presented WovenCity:

A prototype city of the future to test autonomous vehicles, innovative street design, smart home technology, robotics as well as new mobility products

6. Samsung presenting robotic arms for the smart kitchen:

Bot Chef, a pair of robotic arms can prepare various salads and shows what might be the future in the kitchen

7. LG presented a rollable OLED TV - but it's probably going to cost about $60,000:

The R9 Series has the new ability to unfurl from the ceiling or out of a box

8. Mercedes Vision AVTR:

Futuristic car concept with unique design and the ability to move in all directions, allowing the car to move forward, backward, horizontal, vertical or diagonal as you like