FAQ for Businesses

At expertpowerhouse we enable next generation consulting by making top consultants & experts available to all businesses. We support premier consulting organizations, leading industry companies as well as private equity firms. Our consultants & experts help those companies with expert interviews, support in pitches and by complementing the project team on the ground, depending on the specific needs of the project.

Many of our clients face challenges that we address. Our consultants help you especially in the following situations:

  • In case of a capacity shortage: We can add ex-top-tier consultants to your teams
  • In case of an expertise gap: We complement your team with world-renowned subject matter experts
  • Full project team need: We can also provide complete project teams on demand to match your specific need

At expertpowerhouse we focus on mid- to long-term projects, i.e., projects from a couple of days up to several months. Our consultants typically help with interviews, support in pitches or even complement the project team, depending on the specific needs of the project. Consultants support either directly on the ground, remotely via phone or online conferences, or with a combination of both. There are no limitations regarding the expertise required for the project.

Our consultants & experts have an outstanding professional careers and often 10-30+ years of experience. All our experts have comprehensive experience in a specific field of expertise. This can be a technical or functional specialization (e.g. “system dynamics modelling”) and/or an industry or regional specialization (e.g. “automotive” or “public sector”). Besides those senior experts, we also provide more junior and hands-on professionals with a specific expertise or consulting background to support your team on the ground.

We take care of all administrative tasks and paperwork to ensure that you and the expert can fully focus on the project. Among others, this includes the recording of time and expenses and the necessary approvals as well as managing the full invoicing and payment process. We provide all required and tax-relevant documents. Also, we have regular touch-points with the expert and you to ensure a smooth collaboration. expertpowerhouse can also take on a mediator role, if desired.

expertpowerhouse requires a project brief. The more detailed the project description the better and more targeted the results. The description should include a summary of the project, ideal background of the expert, kind of expertise required, work duration and type of work (calls vs. full time on-the-ground support). It is also helpful if you indicate the seniority level you are looking for (junior hands-on vs. senior advisor). You can request an consultant via the homepage or via the email: request@expertpowerhouse.com

expertpowerhouse typically invoices on a bi-weekly regular basis, however, project specific payment terms can be defined. Payments will only be initiated after your approval of the expert’s time sheet and deliverables.

Compliance and confidentiality form the base of our business. For this reason, no specific information on the client nor on the project will be shared before the first introductory call with the client. You decide how much and what information is given to the consultant at any time.

All of our employees and Consultants & experts need to follow the strict compliance rules of our company with strictest confidentiality rules. We have a central contact point for all compliance related questions and comments: compliance@expertpowerhouse.com

All inquires are taken very seriously.

The contracts can be directly continued via expertpowerhouse and we take care of all the required paperwork. Any follow-on work within 12 months of the project start is subject to the defined expertpowerhouse fees.

Direct contracting and hiring of the expert & consultants are generally possible upon the payment of an agreed lump sum to expertpowerhouse.

FAQ for Experts & Consultants

At expertpowerhouse we enable next generation consulting by making top experts available to all businesses. We support premier consulting organizations as well as leading industry companies. Our experts help those companies with expert interviews, support in pitches and by complementing the project team on the ground, depending on the specific needs of the project.

It is easy. Either we contact you or you apply yourself, e.g., through our website. Our network is an elite circle of hand-picked high caliber professionals, so not everyone gets accepted. Only 15% of expert applications make it through our strict selection process – guaranteeing high quality and excellent project results. Our network includes former ministers, highly reputed academics and senior C-level industry practitioners. Besides those senior experts, we do have more generalist, hands-on consulting profiles with significant consulting experience at leading consulting companies.

We need your detailed CV from you to become part of our network. Before the start of a briefing call concerning a specific project, we need your signed Terms & Conditions, incl. NDA. Moreover, we require a copy/scan of your ID as well as the signed project contract once the project is about to start.

Projects are being matched to you regarding your unique relevant expertise. Each expert is “hand-picked” to ensure a perfect fit allowing to deliver highest quality. Payment for each engagement will be agreed upfront. Expertpowerhouse takes over the full invoicing process and handles all payment transactions in accordance with all local rules that may apply.

Strict confidentiality is at the core of expertpowerhouse and our business. This is true for client data as well as for the personal information of each expert. Any personal information is only used for the internal matching process and in an anonymized way in client interactions.

Expertpowerhouse is committed to brand building of our circle members. We are also committed to highest quality of your experts and therefore have a stringent feedback process. We are happy to share any positive feedback/recommendation on your LinkedIn account (if you want).

Yes. You can continue the project via expertpowerhouse with the same fees that were agreed upon beforehand.